Become a Mystery Shopper

As a mystery shopper for Select Information Servicess you will be given a unique opportunity to help local businesses with honest feedback with issues of product quality, customer service and pricing.

Mystery Shoppers shop every type of business including restaurants, beauty salons, retail stores, banks, movie theatres, casinos and hotels. In any industry where customer service, product quality and pricing is important to the business owner you will find a mystery shopper.

How it works

Once you are signed up with us you will be given the opportunity to choose from “shops” located throughout eastern Washington and northern Idaho.


Once you accept the assignment you will download the survey that the business has developed in cooperation with our company. The survey will give you an overview of what the business is specifically looking to accomplish during the “shop”. Once you understand the perimeters of the “shop” you will go to the location during the specified time and pose as a regular shopper, diner or client for the business.


During the “shop” you will be asked to observe specific details about your experience. If a purchase is required you will make the purchase and submit the receipt (you will be reimbursed for required purchases for products, meals and services).


Directly after the shop while the details are still fresh in your mind you will log on to our secure server and complete your report through our on line reporting system. It is important that you give as much detail as possible; the business is relying on your experience to give guidance to the staff on any changes that are needed. Many businesses offer a bonus program to their staff dependent on their “shopping score”. So accurate reporting is imperative.




There is never a charge of any kind to register or to work with Select Information Services.
Shop as little or as much as you like.
It’s fun to shop!

Our clients look for all demographics to shop their stores. We look for men and women who represent varied age groups with diverse cultural and financial backgrounds



Still curious about what a Mystery Shopper is? Watch this informative video.


Payments made monthly through Pay Pal and/or direct deposit.

Simple on line reporting system

If you want to join our team of great shoppers click “join now” and you will be taken to our mystery shopper registration