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What can I hope to achieve from this type of service?


Consistency of Service

We will develop a survey designed to set the standard for your business and what you believe is the ideal "customer experience". Our shoppers will use the survey to examine and report on their "customer experience". Before we begin our evaluations you will share the survey with your staff so they know what is expected. Results of evaluations will be shared with staff. Scores and service levels will quickly improve when the feedback and scores from the survey are shared. Customers expect and deserve to receive the same consistent "exceptional" experience on each visit.


Maximize Sales Potential

Our survey will also examine possible missed opportunities for increased sales. Our survey will examine whether the staff member followed company policies and offered additional "add-on" items such as appetizers or desserts. Did your staff inform the customer about current in store sales promotions? Did staff members actively provide information on the benefits of making a purchase from your business.  Imagine the profit lost when a staff member only offers items to compliment the customers purchase or fails to provide information relevant to making an immediate purchase less then 20% of the time they interact with your customers? Now imagine 100% of your staff maximizing the sales opportunity during each and every customer visit? Our service will absolutely increase your bottom line revenues. 


The Devils in the Details

What are your standard wait times? Are your restrooms clean and maintained? Was the parking lot free of debris? Did the restaurant signs represent the business well, was it obvious what type of food they offered? Was your web site up to date with current prices and options? We take the "total" approach to examining your business. You can lose a customer over the smallest detail. You can also impress and create a "raving fan" with your attention to detail.


How soon can we begin a mystery evaluation program?


What is the cost for a mystery shopping program?

Pricing is determined by the number of locations, the complexity of the report (# of questions) and geographic business locations. We have multiple service options available for businesses of all sizes.  Standard shop rates begin at only $45.

How soon can we begin a mystery evaluation program?


How soon can we begin a mystery evaluation program? 

The average time line is approximately 2-4 weeks to get your program up and running.

Who Performs the EvaluationWho performs the evaluation of my business?

Our shopper database is comprised of tens of thousands of consumers who live in your community.  We have shoppers in every state and in almost every city.  Our shoppers are trained to observe specific details and to record accurate data about their experience during the shop.   

Our shoppers will also provide you with their personal insight (as a local consumer) as to what changes or additions that they would like to see addressed within your business.  This honest feedback from a consumer who is living and shopping right in your community is priceless.

Folder Open

How are reports distributed?

 You will receive your reports normally within 24 hours of the shopper visiting your location.  We distribute reports through email, fax and mail.


NotebookWhat reporting features are available? 

Our entire system is web based.  We offer industry leading reporting options that will enable you to track the progress of how locations are doing over a specific period of time or how one location is doing as compared to another.

We offer dozens of reports that will analyze your data down to the smallest detail.  If we do not have a report that you need, we will create that report at no charge to you.


Employee CentricHow does your service work to decrease my unemployment and wage costs?? 

We offer an employer the ability to print reports for an individual employee.  These reports will show improvement or a decline in their evaluation scores over a specified period of time.  The report can also show how the employee is performing compared to all employees in the company.

This feature is an ideal tool for Human Resource Managers when they are evaluating an employee during a performance review. 

This report has assisted client’s in the ability to respond to invalid “unemployment claims”, where an employee has been terminated from the company. 

Increase RevenueHow does implementing your program work to increase my revenues? 

 Its simple customers that are treated well; spend on average 35% more than customers who feel the customer service is lacking or completely absent.  Our job will be to implement a program of customer service that your staff can perform consistently 100% of the time. As your report scores improve and become consistent, we will then work with you to add in additional customer service items. 

As we continue to increase your levels of commitment to a specific "customer service protocols" you will not only see customers spending more money in your business, but more importantly your new commitment to customer service will not go unnoticed by your customers.

Soon you will create “raving fans” these are customers that are not only loyal to your business, but regularly tell friends and family about why they should be frequenting your business. 

A customer who would rate you a five (on a scale of 1 to 5) is six times more likely to buy from you again, as compared to a customer who gives you a score of a 4.8. 

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Faw's about Customer Churning and Retention

A 5% reduction in the customer defection rate increase profits by as much as 35%– Bain & Company

A 50% reduction in customer base would occur if left alone over a 5 year period – Bain & Company

It costs 6 – 7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one – Bain & Company

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% – Marketing Metrics