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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

A “traditional” mystery shop includes an in-person visit to one or more of a business’s locations. The shopper is trained to blend in with your current customer base, directly after their visit they answer a series of questions (designed and approved by the client) as well as some narratives for clarification.

Our shoppers will observe and document customer service, speed of service, product quality and pricing.  Our shoppers are also consumers that live in your community.  Our shoppers will provide you a unique insight to how local consumer view your business.  This is the ideal focus group that will provide you real, relevant opinions regarding how you can earn their future business.The report is uploaded to our server within 48 hours of the shop.

Competitive Mystery Shopping

Do you want detailed information on your competitors pricing, quality of service and product quality? This shop is designed to maintain that competitive edge. This type of reporting will allow you to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.


Telephone Mystery Shopping

The telephone is often the first interaction a potential client has with your business. Training in proper telephone customer service is often overlooked. Most potential customers will call before making a first visit to your business. They want to save time by determining your product selection, pricing and hours of operation. How they are served during that call will determine if they will visit your business or your competitors.

Customer Surveys

These web-based surveys provide valuable information from your current customer base. The customers log on to a site that is branded just like your own web site. We can ask customers specific questions or it’s often preferred to allow the customer free reign to tell you what they want to tell you.


Employee Surveys

Does your business foster an environment where employees feel free to speak openly about employee/management relations or business suggestions? Employees are given access to a secure anonymous site to give you a true picture of how your employees view the company they represent.



Our web-based reports are available to our clients through email, fax or access through our secure server.

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Pricing is extremely cost effective and I am often surprised that all business don’t employ a mystery shopping company. We offer free customized quotes for your business. Pricing is determined by a number of criteria; including complexity of the shops (number of questions), the geographic locations of businesses and how many locations shopped per month.


Advanced Research Options advanced research

Conducting quality research is as simple as asking the right questions! Tables and graphs can tell you one thing, but often times you look at these complex reports and find yourself asking “OK, now what do I do?”. Our services can be customized to accomplish any project.

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