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Conducting quality research is as simple as asking the right questions! Tables and graphs can tell you one thing, but often times you look at these complex reports and find yourself asking..

Now What Do I Do?

Our services can be customized to accomplish any project.

QuesttionaireQuestionnaire development: 

Questionnaire development can be a major stumbling block for many research studies. Employing a professional and experienced questionnaire designer can help you attain more accurate results in any field study and ensure that you are drilling down the answers you need for future decision making. To avoid biases, questions are written to be simple to understand, unambiguous, and neutral in wording and question order is evaluated to avoid order bias where content early in the questionnaire affects how the respondent answers later on.

advanced research
panelFocus group and panel development, implementation and reporting:

Qualitative research is a cornerstone of any market research project. Nothing can be more valuable than getting a small group of your typical customers into a room, and asking them questions about your service and product in a methodical manner to ensure you are getting their true responses to your brand. You find yourself doing “mini-focus groups” everyday when you meet a customer in the grocery store, and ask them what they think of your company or brand. We create a system for you to strategically implement these casual conversations with your customers through focus groups on an as needed basis.

statisticsAdvanced Statistical Reporting, Weighting and Data Analysis:

When the time comes to take your research results past simple cross-tabulation reports and spreadsheets, and learn what is driving the decisions of your customers, we can provide you with a set of set of easily-understood deliverables designed to provide you with clear roadmaps for further actions.

We rely on inferential statistical testing to identify meaningful variations in the survey data and also use advanced analysis methods to provide more insight into the data where appropriate.  Our results are correct for any type of weighting applied to the data.  We fully explain our results, while avoiding the use of statistical terminology or “secret” proprietary methods.

Advanced Statistical Reporting includes:

executive review

Executive Review of Results:

A 2 to 3 page Executive Review of Results is provided to highlight the key findings in our research study.

SynopsisSynopsis of Results: 

The 10-12 page Synopsis of Results offers an intermediate-level review of results using text and tables.

graphic summaryGraphic Summary:

Our main printed presentation, the roughly 50-page Graphic Summary, shows detailed results using a chart-based format. This report addresses, in detail, each research objective and question posed to your customer.  We provide overall results and results for major sub-groups looking for statistically significant differences, for example, gender, age, and income. 

tablesFull cross-tabulated results:  

We also provide full cross-tabulated results to augment the other reports. This report – showing overall and sub-group measurement variations displayed in an easy-to-read table format – may be helpful in addressing secondary objectives you may want to investigate after having seen the main summary reports. 


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