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Restaurant Program

Restaurant Service Overview

Customer Servcie


What are customers saying about your restaurant?

Great customer service is a process that requires active, willing and competent participation of all staff. It involves listening and understanding the customers. 

Customers today are looking for the “total experience” when dining. Customers have grown to expect quality food, fair pricing, comfortable ambiance, clean environment and most of all a restaurant that provides superior “consistent” customer service.

"The average restaurant loses 10%-30% of its customer base each year.  80% of those customers leave the restaurant based on a single occurrence of poor customer service. Only 1 out of 26 will contact the manager/owner to discuss the issue, most will simply leave with no explanation."

RestaurantsOur experience allows us the unique insight required to institute an immediate and long lasting “commitment to service excellence” for your restauraunt.  We offer each client an individually customized approach to increase customer retention and to maximize dining/beverage sales transactions. 

Our approach examines all facets of the restaurant including food quality/control, wait staff, bar staff, hostesses, kitchen staff, and environment as well as the management team. Customer retention and growth requires a commitment to continual evaluation of your business.  To resolve an issue you must first determine what the issues are.

A new commitment to consistency in customer service is guaranteed to slow your reduction in your customer base.  Decreasing your customer loss by even 5% may increase profits by as much as 35%.

Our Goal

Consistency of Service

We will develop a survey designed to set the standard for your restaurant and your ideal "customer dining experience".  Our shoppers will use the survey to examine and report on their "customer experience". Before we begin our evaluations you will share the survey with your staff so they know what is expected.  Results of evaluations will be shared with staff.  Scores and service levels will quickly improve when the feedback and scores from the survey are shared.  Customers expect and deserve to receive the same consistent "exceptional" dining experience on each visit. 

Maximize Sales Potential

Our survey will also examine possible missed opportunities for increased sales.  Our survey will examine whether the staff member followed company policies and offered additional "add-on" items such as appetizers, desserts, additional beverages or increasing the size of a meal.  Imagine the profit lost if a staff member only offered these additional "add-on" items 20% of the time.  Now imagine 100% of your staff offered these items during each and every customer visit. 

The Devils in the Details

What are your standard wait times?  Are your restrooms clean and maintained? Was the parking lot free of debris? Did the restaurant signs represent the business well, was it obvious what type of food they offered? Was the restaurants web site up to date with current prices and menu options? We take the "total" approach to examining your business.  You can lose a customer over the smallest detail. You can also impress and create a "raving fan" with your attention to detail.

Unemployment and Payroll Savings

With unemployment insurance at an all time high, we offer our clients additional tools in disputing false unemployment claims.  We offer a proprietary reporting option called "employee centric scoring". Each evaluation references a specific staff member.  Reports can be utilized to dispute false unemployment claims, by showing a history of "poor" report scores. These reports can also be used during yearly performance reviews and will help determine whether an increase in pay is warranted. 


5 Reasons


1. They do not know what to do?
2. They think they are doing fine (no feedback).
3. They choose to do it “their way”, not “your way”.
4. They really don’t care about the job.
5. They have obstacles limiting their performance.

Restaurant Customers

7 tips


1. Customers filing a complaint need to feel they are being heard.

2. Complaints require quick resolution with appropriate closing actions.

3. Customer feedback shared with the entire team is critical.  How can issues be resolved if there is no awareness that there is a problem?

4. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

5. Listen to your customers! They will tell you what they want and don’t want.

6. Empower and train your staff to be willing to go that extra mile for your customers.

7. Maintain consistency in your level of customer service. Consistent service standards must be maintained during every customer interaction.  When service levels change for the worse we have immediately “failed” in the mind of the customer.