Retail Service Overview


The one thing that all retail businesses have in common is that the long term success of their business is based on establishing a great reputation with local consumers. 

sale70% of consumers retail purchases are based on how they feel they are being treated during their shopping experience by the sales associates.  Well treated consumers equals increased spending.

Do your employees offer an consistent positive shopping experience during each customer interaction? The fact is that most employees do not offer consistency in their levels of customer service, they have good days and bad days.  The employee's lack of consistency not only loses your business revenue it also adds to customer loss.  Poor customer service is your competitors best advertising!

71% of business leaders believe that the customer service experience is the next corporate battleground. 

Our experience allows us the insight to create a custom, industry leading approach to customer service for your business. Our approach is 100% effective in increasing client retention as well as maximizing sales revenue.  Is your business known for “exceptional” customer service?  If not, make the commitment to excellence today.  

Your Employee’s and Customer Service

poor customer service

1. Many businesses offer rigorous employee service training programs, but fail to institute a system of checks and balances to ensure the training is being followed on a consistent basis.

2. Your employees are the company in the eyes of the customer. A committed happy staff will out perform an unhappy complacent staff.

3. Does your business foster an environment where management is accessible to your “front line” employees?  Do you encourage employees to share new business ideas? Your “front line” employees offer essential input as to what your customers want or need from you as a retail business. This information is invaluable.



Customer Service FAQ's

1. 55% of consumer’s would pay extra to guarantee better customer service.

2. Price is rarely the reason for a customer to leave your business. 80% of the time the reason the customer terminates the business relationship is based on a single occurrence of poor customer service.

3. Retail businesses on average commit  55% of their marketing budgets on new client acquisition and only 12% on retaining their current customers. Research shows that an increase in customer retention of only 10% can result in a 30% increase in the value of the company.
4. The average retail business will lose 10-30% of its customers annually. Has your business implemented a program dedicated to decreasing the loss of your customers?