What We Do

What We Do
Information is the key to success!

A simple but powerful tool to gather actual client experiences. Mystery Shopping is an effective way of evaluating the customer’s experience within a business. It provides unannounced, anonymous shoppers and records their experience on customized reports. Strategically, it is an excellent way of identifying customer service strengths and weaknesses and, as a result, this process can be used to coach and develop your team and optionally reward staff for exceptional performance. In developing your customized reports we are looking for the most important actionable items that your front line team can put into effect to create “real immediate noticeable change”.


Just the FactsJust the Facts!

We understand you have precious little time to read lengthy reports that often give you too much information. Our reporting system is based on a “points system” so if you want a quick synopsis of a report you can look at the “total score” given to the report. If the report score is below the acceptable level, you can then review the entire report to identify areas that need improvement.

Real Time ReportingWhat We DoReal Time Reporting

Our average reporting time from the day our shopper is in your store is 24-48hrs. Reports can be emailed, faxed or you can simply log online to your secure account.

What We DiscoveredWhat We Have Discovered

The first item was that the quality of the scores that our shoppers give you is an almost perfect predictor of future sales growth. The second was that by simply sharing the completed report with your employees, the scores get better quickly. The reports do all the work, it shows each employee where they did well and where they need improvement.

Customized Reporting